Friday, October 4, 2013

New Beginnings...

Welcome to my area of the internet! Enjoy your stay!


That's the first thing I should say right? First posts are always the most awkward for me because it is the introvert in me. Or maybe it is the dirtying up of a clean space, because I am neurotic. Who knows.

I have big plans for this blog, but then I don't. If I have big plans then I mean to break them. It's Murphy's Law.  Music I want to share, a fashion/beauty blog (or at least my fashion/beauty journey, you know for those days when you need a laugh), ideas, crafts, nails, a LOT of ideas wanting to come out of my brain. We will have to see what comes of these ideas, but for now, I will share parts of my life that scream to get out.

So who am I? What am I about?

For starters, I work a full time job as a manager for a Quality Assurance firm in Aurora, Colorado, I am a mother of a 10 year old daughter, a girlfriend to the man of dreams, and a buddy to my boyfriend's Mini Me. I go to school part time at Metro State University of Denver for my bachelor's in Psychology. I am a bit of a tomboy who loves all sorts of music, especially empowering songs, but my most favorite genre of music is Dubstep. I have been on a Dubstep kick since before it came to America. BEFORE SKRILLEX. (Haha) I think that comes from the origins of dubstep and my secret love for vibrating eardrums. (Yes, I will go deaf that way.) 

Back to the tomboy part. Over the past year I have had this inner war go on. TOMBOY VS PRINCESS. I am rooting for the princess. *shock* I don't know why, I just never had an interest in makeup or fashion when I was growing up, partly because I sucked at it. But now I want to get better and try new things. Crazy new things. Like dying my hair blue. Or magenta. Or rainbow hair like my daughter suggested. (Lol) I want to wear things that will make me smile, make me feel special, make me think positively about myself. If I radiate positivity it will effect others positively. Right?

That's a study for later me thinks.

At any rate, you know a little about me, and my intentions with this blog. I really want to share aspects of my life and hopefully empower myself positively, maybe meet new people!

Almost time to go to class now!

Hearts and hugs, 

(Note to self: Take better selfies. Lol)